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Three-way Stopcock

Product Features:

Three-way Stopcock Luer Lock Syringe Connector features three capped ports, an inner channel that minimises wastage and contamination, and a valve that controls access to each port as well as the flow of ingredients.

Product highlights:
Two female and one male Luer lock connectors with secure plugs
Sterile, drug resistant, latex-free and made of non-pyrogenic material
Universal 6% tapers connect with Luer lock syringes and other standard devices
Leak-proof flow of up to 3 bar (43.5psi) pressure during intravenous use
A fully transparent body allows for the visualisation of the flow of fluids
Designed to minimise dead space and ingredient wastage
Individually packaged and sterilised with Ethylene Oxide gas
Can also be used to transfer cosmetic products including PRP, mesotherapy solutions and skin boosters
Multiple ports: ideal for delivering different ingredients
Product disclaimer: For single use only.

Product Specifications

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