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Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Applications

Use for Skin Rejuvenation, Dental Implant, Hair Loss Treatment, Fat Transfer, Cosmetology, Dermatology, Osteoarthritis Treatment, etc.

PRP for Aesthetics

Cosmetic surgery-For Cosmetics,esthetic purposes such as fine wrinkles, acne, scars,mesotherapy.

PRP for Hair Restoration

Platelet-rich plasma for use in hair restoration

PRP for Orthopedics

Musculo-skeletal diseases-Ligament sprains, tendonitis, intra-articular injuries, knee meniscus repair. PRP therapy is a new revolutionary treatment which relieves pain and denies or postpones surgery

PRP for Wound Healing

PRP is applied topically around injury.

PRP + Fat Grafting

PRP combined with autologous fat filler can solve the problem of facial hollowness


 Platelet Rich Fibrin in dental implants

PRF is similar to PRP except that PRF naturally contains fibrin for clot scaffolding and localization of

mesenchymal stem cells

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