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PRP Kit One Tube

High concentration of Autologous Platelet-rich-plasma PRP kit/PRP Tube


Platelet-rich plasma preparation kit

Operated at sealed system,

eliminate contamination

Sterile, pyrogen-free, no cytotoxicity,

no sensitization and good blood compatibility.

Passed Medical Devices Quality Surveillance and Test Institute biocompatibility

safety assessment.

One Tube PRP Kit

PRP tube (ACD/Sodium Citrate +Gel) 1PC

Butterfly blood collection needle 1PC

Blood collection needle-holder 1PC

Inject Needles 30G 13mm 2PCS

Transport needle 18G 80mm 1PC

Syringes 1ml 1PC,Lure lock adaptor 1PC

KEALOR platelet rich plasma prp tube with separating gel(acd gel, sodium citrate) with biotin ,ha ,activator prp for sale

Being KEALOR PRP KIT/PRP Tube Distributor

• Higher PLT concentration with little amount of blood.

• Clear distinction between PRP and PPP.

• Simpler process.

• Suitable for all kinds of centrifuges.

• Easier and more accurate PRP extraction.

• Easier RBC Isolation.

PRP & Needle specialists

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