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Silicone Reservoir System Closed Wound Drainage System

Silicone Reservoir System Closed Wound Drainage System

Product Features:

Key Feature

It consists of a perforated drain tube, trocar and a low-vacuum reservoir for suction-assisted, postoperative drainage of wound secretions.

Transparent Wall

The transparent silicone wall with graduation to ensure the easy monitor of wound drainage and measure of exudate.

Anti-reflux Valve

The internal anti-reflux valve helps prevent backflow of exudate to the patient for safe drainage.

Strap with Clip

Reservoir strap with clip helps to attache to patient’s clothing.

Compatability with JP Drains

It is designed ideally for use with Jackson Pratt® type drains.

Various Capacities

We provide a comprehensive range of different capacities to match various wound siz

Silicone Suction Reservoir Closed Wound Drainage includes 100cc/200cc/400ml Silicone reservoir and 7mm/10mm flat drains or other round drains with stainless steel trocar.It can be used separately or with trocar for insertion and combining with Silicone Reservoir for fluid suction and collection. It also can be used for various surgeries. Silicone perforated and Silicone Fluted (Blake) drains are also available. And OEM and customization are welcome.

As a closed wound drainage system, it’s always used for draining and storing liquid with negative pressure, for patients who are requested to accept closing type drainage after different kinds of operations. And referring to the method, there are several tips.

A.The drainage tube from in the wound, the most suitable position for 3 cm away from the wound.

  1. The ends of the drainage tube clip to the appropriate length of buried within the wound.
  2. Will wound suture and fixed the drainage tube.
  3. Cut the needle, according to the thickness of the tube to choose the appropriate drainage bottle of connecting pipe joint, cut in front of the connector can’t use the parts.
  4. The connection of the well drainage tube and drainage tube connectors.
  5. Open the plywood on the drainage device connecting pipe vacuum gravity is established.
  6. Check the vacuum drainage device state indicator, compression condition before use. Open the gas control valves, pressure can precisely control the bottle.
  7. Drainage on higher vacuum indicator, high negative pressure drainage system will be automatic operation.
Product Name Silicone closed wound drainage system
Material Medical grade silicone
Capacity   100ml,200ml,400ml etc.
Tube type   Flat,round or crossed tubes
Shelf life 3 years
Color Transparent
Certificate CE&ISO
Disinfecting Type EO
Packing Plastic paper, sterile, 1pcs/blister packing
Usage It can be used separately or with trocar for insertion and combining with Silicone Reservoir for fluid suction and collection.
MOQ 100 pieces

Product Specifications

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