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Silicone Reservoir Wound Drainage Bulb 

Silicone Reservoir Wound Drainage Bulb 

Product Features:

Product Information:
1.Made of 100% imported medical grade silicone, with anti-reflux valve.
2.Silicone reservoir is used with different kind of drains.
3.Squeeze the reservoir to generate negative pressure inside. Blood or secretion will be sucked inside the bulb due to negative pressure.

The products are mainly composed of silicone sphere, upper and lower covers, auxiliary belt, rubber plug, one-way valve and q-clip. There are three specifications of 100ml, 200ml and 400ml, which can be selected according to the needs. One way valve is installed at the connecting end of the external connecting pipe, and the other end is an exhaust hole. There is a plug cap that does not leak after closing. Continuous negative pressure can be generated after the ball is compressed.
Disposable silicone reservoir is suitable for patients who need closed drainage after three operations of pneumothorax and pleural effusion caused by various reasons.
The silicone reservoir is mainly used as an external negative pressure source in the thoracic drainage device to help drainage. The front end of the ball has a one-way valve connected with the drainage tube, and the end has a drainage hole and a plug cap which can be tightly plugged without air leakage. When in use, the front part of the drainage tube is first placed at the position to be drained, and the back part is led out from the skin incision and connected with the suction ball. Then, the drainage hole is opened, the suction ball is pinched, and the drainage hole is plugged with a plug cap, and the negative pressure drainage can be started.

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