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Microplasticity – thread lifting

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Protein threads, also known as PDO threads (Polydioxanone), were originally used as heart sutures for heart surgery and have evolved into cosmetic threads based on this. It is a spiral bolus thread (cosmetic thread) that can be absorbed and dissolved by the body and is used to insert into the superficial skin, stimulating the skin and fascial layer, which is already stiff or sagging muscle tissue to rearrange, and the fibrous subcellular in the skin is activated to produce collagen.


PDO absorbable thread is spun from poly-p-dioxane material, with good physical and mechanical strength, chemical stability, biocompatibility and safety, no cellular reaction, through the degradation and absorption effect, completely absorbed by the body within 180 days after surgery, decomposition metabolites with antibacterial effect, decomposition into carbon dioxide and water, discharged from the body, safe and reliable.


Principle of PDO protein thread


PDO protein threads promote skin enlightenment by using fine needles to implant absorbable PDO threads into subcutaneous tissues to achieve an immediate lifting effect. At the same time, the needle puncture wound and the PDO thread implanted under the skin will induce a mild tissue reaction and start the repair process, releasing various growth factors to promote the proliferation of collagen and increase blood circulation, producing a skin renewal effect and achieving the effect of tightening, lifting and improving skin texture.

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