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LOR Loss of Resistance LOR Syringes(NRFit Tip& Luer Tip)

LOR Loss of Resistance LOR Syringes(NRFit Tip& Luer Tip)

Product Features:

Loss of Resistance (LOR) syringes have been re-designed with smooth plunger movement to improve user sensitivity and provide accurate detection of the epidural space.

Loss of Resistance Syringe

1. Suitable for use with both air and saline techniques with standard Luer slip connection to epidural needles;

2. Designed with low and consistent frictional movement of the plunger to provide excellent sensitivity for epidural space detection;

3. With loss of resistance (LOR), the original resistance is up to or less than 0.3N, the resistance of process is about 0.2N;

4. With complete specifications, the main specifications are 5ml and 10ml;

5. Obtained quality system certificate for ISO13458, ISO9001, and CE certificate;
6. Undertake OEM orders.

Product Specifications

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