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Hyaluronic acid dermal filler

Product Features:

Hydroiam series hyaluronic acid products are all made from non-animal hyaluronic acid raw material.


1) NON-ANIMAL material with separately aseptic packaging.

2) Extremely low side effect rate comparing to other filler brand.

3) Spectial formulation which enables the product to have great performance of elacity.

4) High quality provides long lasting effect.

5) Professional service from our team to provide you a pleasant buying experience.


High purity hyaluronic acid is used as the raw material to guarantee the safety of the hyaluronic acid gel.
Low residue of BDDE to reduce allergies and other side effects.
Hyaluronic acid particles with high elasticity can enhance the lifting effect.
Enhancing durability of long-lasting by using multi crosslinking technology.
High customer satisfaction with the ability to maintain a natural look after injection.

Fine Line Derm Line Deep Line SubSkin
Concentration 24mg/ml 24mg/ml 24mg/ml 25mg/ml
Gel Particles/ml 0.10-0.15 0.15-0.28 0.28-0.5 0.5-1.25
Recommended  Indications Thin superficial lines, Such as worry lines,
Periorbital lines, Perioral lines
Wrinkles, such as glabellar, oral commissures
Lips: Fullness, pouting and vermilion border
Folds, such as nasolabial folds. shaping facial contours, e.g. cheeks and chin lips, fullness and pouting Breast and buttock enhancement,Muscle shaping, men’s penis enlargement
Where to inject Upper part of dermis Middle part of dermis  Deep layer of dermis and/of surface layer of subcutis  Deep layer
Needles size 30G/30G 30G/27G 27G/27G 23G/23G

Product Specifications

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