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Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle

Product Features:

Product Name Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle
Type 2″-5″
Material Stainless steel
Size 8-15G
Package Individually / Bulk Packed
Application Medical
Feature Disposable
Certification CE ISO FDA 510K MDSAP
Delivery time 20days-60days

Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle 

* Size: 9G to 14G , Length 70 to 150 mm.

* Special lock hub for better puncture

* Human ergonomics handle, comfortable and easy to operate.

* Made of medical grade stainless steel.

* Optional connecting column and variety of Edge.

* Packing : Sterilized, Blister

Handle design accord with human body engineering, make with very comfortable feeling, also can more easily take in clinical use to
bone marrow, handle design conforms to any doctor’s hand, surface adopts the frosted handle design makes interface is more stable,not easy to slide.
Special Tip
Our needle tip is different from other companies design, is our special technology. if you look carefully, you will find at the
top cannula of the needle is not straight, the top is the gradient, by large slowly become smaller, it is designed to more easily
take out bone marrow tissue, clinical proof, the special design can take out more tissue than normal cannula.

Solid cannula
After the bone marrow needle is finishing biopsy and taking out from patient, inserted this solid cannula into hollow cannula than
the compete tissue will come out.

Product Specifications

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