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3 Pin Multi Micro Nano Needle

Product Features:

  • 3 pin needle for intradermal injections
  • Size: 34G x 1mm
  • Luer Lock
  • Sterile
  • Single-use

The Micron Needle is an innovative disposable medical product that enables almost painless treatment due to the tiny 34g needle size. The micron needle consists of 3 silicone micro cones of 0.6mm-1.5mm 34g, making the needle three times smaller than a normal needle. In addition, the needle improves patient comfort and minimizes the risk of bruising.

Product advantage.

1. Zero-risk micro-cosmetic auxiliary consumables materials

2. The composition of three ultra-thin micron needles is three times that of ordinary needles

3. Ultra thin needle to reduce the risk of congestion and swelling Sustained extremely thin penetration up to 400 times Tip of section

4. Double, small sore mouth, weak pain

5. Unique 3mm double helix veins lock the needle to prevent the needle from coming loose

6. The special blue mark corresponds to the socket

7. Adopt the interface to prevent the deformation and leakage of the needle in use

8. Imported 304 medical steel has high flexibility and is not easy to break needles.

Microneedling services can help shed your client’s old and dull skin cells while bringing forward skin rejuvenation and health. But to give your clients a safe, effective and comfortable experience, it starts with choosing the right set of needles to work with.  Kealor Microneedles are ultra-thin needles that provide a safe and sterilized procedure while minimizing the pain and discomfort for your clients’ microneedling experience.

The Kealor Microneedles is used for any intradermal injection procedures and can be used to perform microneedling treatments while also administering serums into the microchannels using a syringe attached to your Microneedle unit. These one-use microneedling units ensure that every microneedling treatment is done with sterile, sharp, and ultra-thin needles that can effectively trigger your client’s collagen production while adding beneficial serums like hyaluronic acid or other related products.

Product Specifications

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