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Platelet rich plasma PRP

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PRP is a highly concentrated platelet-rich plasma made from our own blood, which has the ability to rapidly stop bleeding, stop pain, accelerate wound healing and greatly reduce post-operative scar formation. Since the mid-1990s, PRP has been used in a wide range of surgical, cardiac and cosmetic procedures, as well as in medical aesthetics. The reason why PRP lasts longer and is more effective is that the substances injected into our body by PRP autologous cell rejuvenation come from our own body and are not metabolised quickly by the body. Therefore, it activates the skin’s repair function for a long time, and with long-term complementary maintenance, you will find yourself looking younger and more hydrated every day.



  • “Gel” quickly supports the filling of wrinkles

The PRP gel is a viscous gel that is injected into the skin to immediately smooth wrinkles, while the high concentration of platelets in the PRP gel rapidly activates a large amount of collagen, the natural scaffolding of skin cells that facilitates the skin repair process, resulting in immediate skin repair.


  • The “gel” gathers factors and maintains local factor concentrations

PRP gel prevents the loss of platelets after injection, prolongs the local secretion of growth factors and maintains a high concentration of growth factors.


  • Tens of billions of autologous factors are released to activate cells

The action of PRP Factor Gel depends on its concentrated platelets releasing a high concentration (10 billion/ml) of 9 growth factors to activate cells, sustaining the purpose of repairing wrinkled skin and delaying skin ageing.


Miraculous effects

It can remove all kinds of wrinkles, such as: headlines, forehead lines, Sichuan lines, crow’s feet, fine lines around the eyes, nasolabial lines, decrees, wrinkles around the mouth and neck lines.

  • Filling and scar removal:When PRP is injected into the skin, the powerful growth factor will encourage tissue regeneration, which is particularly effective for depressed scars and tissue loss, and can also be used for lip augmentation.
  • Optimise skin texture:The active factors accelerate and promote the establishment of microcirculation in the skin, thus accelerating metabolism and improving overall skin texture and tone, making the original dull skin fairer and more delicate and lustrous, and also improving the problem of bags and dark circles under the eyes.
  • Deep anti-aging:PRP can promote the growth and rearrangement of multiple tissues in the skin, thus achieving an overall improvement in skin condition and a sustained delay in aging.
  • The establishment of microcirculation and the acceleration of skin metabolism can encourage the skin to excrete a large number of toxins on its own, effectively improving pigmentation, sun spots, red spots, chloasma and many other pigmentation spots.
  • Safe and anti-allergic:Continuous treatment with PRP will change the skin’s original stress system, making it healthier and more energetic, effectively improving allergic skin.


Beauty Principles

PRP contains collagen ligand protein and collagen. Collagen ligand protein is a large glycoprotein that has a variety of biological activities. It promotes the adhesive growth of cells, which is necessary for the maintenance of the body’s structure and the completion of cell growth. It also facilitates the migration and proliferation of epithelial cells to repair wounds, and has a positive effect on improving peripheral vascular and pulmonary function. Based on these functions, collagen ligand protein promotes cell turnover, thus addressing the root cause of wrinkles and scars caused by cellular weakness, ageing and dehydration. It also solves the problem of enlarged pores and lack of skin tissue.


Injection Procedure

Blood extraction: Approximately 30 ML of your own venous blood is extracted.


Processing the blood: The drawn venous blood is placed in a centrifuge to separate out the impurities and the serum rich in growth factors and proteins from the blood.


Extraction of serum: the centrifuge-treated venous blood is left to stand for 10 minutes to obtain a yellow serum.


Injection of serum: the desired site is selected for injection. After injection, ice is applied for 20-40 minutes.





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