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Needle Cannula OEM/ODM

Steel processing Custom mold

Factory have horizontal molding machines, upright molding machines. trough Sand blasting, Spiral etching (by laser), Swaging, Weld, Wire cut product process , to custom Single Bevel,Lancet Point,Back Cut Point, Bent tip, Pencil point, Huber Point ,biopsy, avf , swaged needle ,Semi lancet, Side cut, Trocar needle etc. production process covers needle tube manufacture,

coating, tip grinding, needle-hub assembly, sterilization and packaging.

Needle Production Process

Full automated assembly Needle machine

  • Hub Feeding Station
  • PlasmaTreatment Station
  • Cannula Assembly station
  • Epoxy Bonding Station
  • Drying Tunnel Station
  • Silicon Coating Station

  • Blockage Needle Test Station
  • Needle Point Inspection Station
  • (camera/Sensor)
  • Bad Needle Rejection Station
  • Cap Assembly Station
  • Cap Pressing Station
  • Needle Ejection Station.

Needle Point Inspection Station


Fully automated needle assembly lines. which can assemble various diameters of Needle.

Our cleanrooms are 100,000 grade cleanliness standards.


Customization Solutiuon
Drop Shipping Support
Strict testing before shipping
Fast Shipping
Return Policy
After-sales support

Needle Quality Inspection

Dimension measurement
Laser microscope
Rigid Toughness Test
Automatic inspection device

Needle Test before shipping

Strict testing before shipping

Needle Tube

Rigid /Toughness /Corrrosion/

Resistance Test approved

Surface smooth, non-impurities

in the processing of metallic


Inspection with 3 times magnifying glass, the tip should be no burr, flat head and hook

Needle Seat&

Seat Liner Core

Needle seat and seat liner core should be no edges, plastic flow, bubbles and other defects

Core Liner

 Surface smooth, free of the needle through the lumen, feel free trial block phenomenon

Needle And Needle Seat

Connection of needle and hub is straight, not slant.

Medical Grade

No Bacterium Endotoxin

Ethylene Oxide Residues

Particle Pollution Test Result Approved

OEM injection needles syringe

Our integrated production process covers needle tube manufacture, coating, tip grinding, needle-hub assembly, sterilization and packaging.

  • Blunt tip Cannula
  • Meso nano Needle
  • Dental Needles
  • Surgical Suture
  • PDO Thread

  • Spinal Needles
  • Biopsy Needles
  • Bone Marrow Transplants Needle
  • I.V Catheter
  • A.V Fistula Needles

  • Irrigation Needles
  • Safety Needle
  • Syringes
  • Infusion Sets
  • Transfusion Sets

How to make Hypodermic Needles

Tube manufacturing

This process makes a stainless steel pipe from a stainless steel plate. In the pipe making process, the stainless steel plate is rolled and argon welded to make it into a pipe shape. And stretch this pipe to adjust the specified outer and inner diameters.


The stainless steel pipe is cut to the required length, and the tip is polished to make a sharp cutting edge. This is called cannula.


Attach plastic moldings such as hub and caps to the washed cannula

Sterilization /Packaging

The assembled needle is packaged and finally sterilized.

Needle color codes specification for Hypodermic needle

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