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Introduction of Blunt Needle

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The main advantages of blunt needles (compared to hypodermic needles) are.

  1. reduction of bleeding and bruising.
  2. reduced patient discomfort and needle fear.
  3. faster recovery.
  4. Reduced occurrence of side effects such as intravascular injections


Structural features

  1. Flexibility
  2. The rounded head and laser-cut side opening with accuracy
  3. And all types of screw syringes (Luer lock syringe) to fit
  4. Stainless steel manufacturing


Applicable parts: Theoretically applicable to any part of the face, but the author mainly used for: cheek/midface, nasolabial folds and jaw/chin.


Applicable injectables: Except Botulinum toxin and Sculptra.


Injection technique

– Local anaesthesia of the epidermis (after makeup removal, 20 minutes, only for the injection entry site).

– Pre-operative photography (before local anaesthesia).

– Local nerve block anaesthesia if necessary (intraoral injection, 1% lidocaine without epinephrine).

– marking (after washing the local anaesthetic, Figure 7).

– Supine at a 45-degree angle


Micropigmentation injection is favoured and respected by many doctors and beauty seekers for its convenience, rapidity and carelessness, but most doctors in China are still using sharp needles for hyaluronic acid injection, and if the doctor’s technique is poor, a slight mistake will result in bruising, swelling or even more serious complications, while the emergence of blunt needle injection technology can precisely avoid the above phenomenon.


The strong technical advantages of blunt needle injection

Sharp needles have a hard tip and a strong stinging sensation, which causes a certain degree of discomfort during treatment; at the same time, when injecting a large area, multiple points are required, which can easily cause a sense of discontinuity in the transition area. In contrast, blunt needles are less likely to damage blood vessels, bleed less, and are safer to inject.


Advantages of using blunt needles compared to using sharp needles.

  1. No bruising
  2. Able to cover more area with one puncture point
  3. Relatively less pain
  4. Stimulates more collagen production
  5. Easier for the surgeon to evenly distribute the filler
  6. The patient’s recovery time is faster


If the doctor is not familiar with the anatomy of the face, it is very easy to inject hyaluronic acid into the blood vessels with a sharp needle, resulting in vascular embolism and tissue necrosis. The most important feature of the blunt needle is that the front section is blunt, the surface is completely polished, and the head is blunt, so it can enter the tissue with the least trauma and avoid blood vessels completely, which makes the chance of swelling and bruising on the face much less.


When using blunt needles for injection, it is necessary to use sharp needles to make holes in the skin before blunt needles can enter the skin; blunt needles for hyaluronic acid injection come out from the side of the needle, which is suitable for large area filling injection, such as apple muscle, tear trough, etc., without bruising after injection; while sharp needles are suitable for a small area and fine injection parts, such as nasolabial folds, etc. Experts believe that the combined use of two types of needles is much better than just one type of needle, which can take into account Safety and effect, and the customer’s injection experience will also be much better.

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