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Hazards of using pyrogenic blood collection tubes for PRP aesthetics

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First, let’s introduce the concept of pyrogen (scientific name: bacterial endotoxin). Pyrogen is a thermogenic substance that causes an abnormal increase in body temperature in constant temperature animals. It includes bacterial pyrogens, endogenous macromolecular pyrogens, endogenous low molecular pyrogens and chemical pyrogens. The “pyrogens” referred to here mainly refer to bacterial pyrogens, which are metabolites of certain bacteria, bacterial carcasses and endotoxins. The strongest thermogenic ability is the product of gram-negative bacilli, followed by gram-positive bacilli, gram-positive cocci are weaker, mold, yeast, and even viruses can also produce thermogenic. Thermogen is heat resistant, filterable, water soluble, non-volatile, and adsorbed. When the pyrogen is introduced into the human body, after about 0.5h, it causes chills, high fever, sweating, nausea, vomiting, coma, and even life-threatening, and the pyrogen can be completely destroyed according to its characteristics when sterilizing the injection. Injections into the human body containing pyrogen amount of 1μg/kg can cause adverse reactions, febrile reaction usually occurs 1 hour after injection, can cause chills, chills, fever, sweating, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, sometimes the body temperature can rise to more than 40 ℃, serious cases even coma, deficiency, if not rescued in time, can be life-threatening. This phenomenon is called “thermogenic reaction”.


Second, pyrogen-free is not the same as sterile. Sterilitysterility is the absence of any living microorganisms in any given object, medium or environment. But after sterilization live microorganisms become dead, the body is still there, so there is still thermogenic. Therefore, the blood collection tubes now commonly used in hospitals are merely sterile, not pyrogen-free.


Why do I say this, because now in the PRP cosmetic industry is commonly used to extract PRP platelet-rich plasma from blood collection tubes, and then inject PRP into the body for cosmetic, plastic surgery, healing, hair growth, etc. …… Of course PRP to do these treatments is undoubtedly effective, but if the use of ordinary blood collection tubes, then This is very dangerous, and the consequences can be very serious if a pyrogenic reaction occurs. Minor fevers are common, and there are many serious ulcers, and in recent years, due to the popularity of PRP technology, there have been numerous cases of death.

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