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Two Tube PRP Kit

High concentration of Autologous Platelet-rich-plasma PRP kit/PRP Tube

15+ years OEM Manufacture

Specialized in Platelet-Rich Plasma PRP KIT (Made of Crystal)


Co.60 Triple Sterilized

Clinical Proved Results

7-12 times of PRP

4-6 Folds PLT Value

Two Tube PRP Kit

Two Tube PRP kit include :
PRP tube (ACD/Sodium Citrate +Gel) 2PCS
Butterfly blood collection needle 1PC
Blood collection needle-holder 1PC
Inject Needles 30G 13mm 2PCS
Transport needle 18G 80mm 1PC
Syringes 1ml 1PC,5ml 1PC
Lure lock adaptor 1PC

Being KEALOR PRP KIT/PRP Tube Distributor

• Higher PLT concentration with little amount of blood.

• Clear distinction between PRP and PPP.

• Simpler process.

• Suitable for all kinds of centrifuges.

• Easier and more accurate PRP extraction.

• Easier RBC Isolation.

PRP & Needle specialists

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