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Customized PRP Kit Brand

100% support being KEALOR Distritubor , OEM/ODM services accpted

PRP tube assembly line Production Process

PRP gel filling


Labeling (with label printing)

Solution filling

Cap or rubber adding

 Vacuuming & cap pressing

 Quality checking


 Box packaging 

 Shrink packaging

 Carton packaging 


PRP Tube Formula

Offer a Various options

Different choice of Additives

Acd+Gel PRP Tube

Acd+Gel+HA PRP Tube

Acd+Gel+Activator Prp Tube

Acd+Gel+Biotin PRP Tube

Different choice Anticoagulants

Different choice Anticoagulants


Sodium Citrate



OEM PRP Tube Formula

PRP KIT Accessories

Butterfly blood collection needle

Blood collection needle-holder

1ml Syringe

Transport needle

Inject Needles 30G

Lure lock adaptor

100% Support to Business Owners with Full Services.

We are dedicated to seeing your brand , grow and cater to different customers.


Friendly MOQ 10pcs

Ship in 48 hours

Drop Shipping Support

Price Support Program

Customer protection Program

99% On-Time Shipping

Support custom clearance

Return Policy

After-sales support


Customization Solution

MOQ 200 set to started

Labeling in 1 Week!

99% On-Time Shipping,

Support custom clearance

Return Policy

After-sales support

Start your Own Brand

Private labeling your brand name, company logo, re-order information, and bar code can be applied to

a wide range of standard and custom products and packages.

KEALOR’s document control system ensures that the correct revision of your label is applied each production run.

Label your quality- Printing and Marking Advertising your brand is essential to promoting the ability of your customers contact you for repeat orders.

KEALOR has been working several years with local high-end printing factories who own strong printing and marking capabilities

that can be applied to your products or packages to ensure brand awareness with each product.

  • LaserEngraving
  • Screenprinting
  • Thermal transfer printing
  • Laser Printing

Label on PRP Tube

Moq 50 set Only!

• Applied with PLC control for tube dropping;

• Step-motor for label transporting, photoelectric detection for labeling & tube checking.

• Vibrating bowl for micro tube feeding.

• Labeling position can be adjusted according to production demand.

OEM Outer Package

Moq 200 set only!

Being KEALOR PRP KIT/PRP Tube Distributor

• Higher PLT concentration with little amount of blood.

• Clear distinction between PRP and PPP.

• Simpler process.

• Suitable for all kinds of centrifuges.

• Easier and more accurate PRP extraction.

• Easier RBC Isolation.

PRP & Needle specialists

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