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  • Prefilled Syringe
  • Prefilled Syringe
  • Prefilled Syringe
Prefilled Syringe Prefilled Syringe Prefilled Syringe

Prefilled Syringe

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 Neutral Tubing Glass\Cutting & Mouding\Barrel Annealing\Acceptance\Insert and Secure a Staked needle (if required) \Washing & Siliconization \Sterilization \Ethylene Oxide Release\Finish Products

Barrel Moulding Process:
The moulding equipments are from Germany, which can make different size of barrel and cartridge. Annealing lehr is from local.
Insert and Secure a Staked Needle Process:
The process is in 100000 class clean area, with 657square meter in total, all equipments are from Germany. To use UV glue, staking the needle in the glass syringe, in the process, the key is how to ensure the verticality of staked needle.

Washing & Siliconization Process and Packing:
The process designed according to GMP completely, with 586square meter in total, including C+A class area for washing, B+A class area for packing. The production line are imported from Germany, including automatic unload tray equipment, auto-washing & siliconization equipment, automatic nest loading machine, and auto-packing machine.

Sterilization Process:
To use ethylene oxide (EO) for sterilization in the equipment from local, which completely meet the requirements of sterilization. After release of EO, the finish products will be taken into warehouse.


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