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 1. Piercing device--Made of medical grade white ABS, with or without air Inlet, 3 or 4 holes size according to ISO8536-4 standard.
2. Protective cap--Made of PP or PE.
3. Drip chamber--Made of soft PVC, size according to ISO8536-4 Standards, 4.5cm--7cm in length.
4. Fluid filter--Support is made of ABS or PE, nylon net, mesh size: 15 micron.
5. Air inlet--Cap is made of red, white, or blue PP
7. Flow regulator--Made of PP or ABS, normal shape, small size or horned Shape, large size.
8. Injection site--Latex cone, rubber cone, synthetic rubber cone,injection site made of natural or synthetic Rubber. 
9.Y site- Made of hard transparent PVC
10. Soft tubing--Made of soft medical grade PVC, diameter 3X4mm, 150cm in length, or adjust according to requirements...
11. Terminal connector: Made of PE, PVC, luer lock or luer slip.
12. Components assembly: By gluing with solvent cyclohexanone
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