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  • Hyaluron Pen
  • Hyaluron Pen
Hyaluron Pen Hyaluron Pen

Hyaluron Pen

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  About  KEALOR Hyaluron Injection Pen


  • KEALOR LEADING-IN HYALURON INJECTION PEN: this noninvasive,Vesta Hyaluron Injection Pen adopts the pressure technology, bursting into nanoscale small molecules to penetrate the skin so as to achieve timely significant cosmetic effect
  • PRINCIPLE OF KEALOR HYALURON INJECTION PEN: KEALOR Hyaluron Injection Pen with the use of 6.5bar pressure, in nanoscale small molecules 220 meters per second, the speed of air flow to the skin grass roots skin care droplets delivered directly through the skin,transfer gel like hyaluronic acid, VC to skin dermal layer
  • EFFECT OF KEALOR HYALURON INJECTION PEN: Just need to repeat use Vesta Hyaluron Injection Pen several times, you will see the skin changed more health, more delicate, have brightness,moisture sufficiency,have elasticity, more youthful
  • KEALOR HYALURON INJECTION PEN SUITABLE FOR: KEALOR Hyaluron Injection Pen  for professional beauty salon use, also home use by yourself,Vesta Hyaluron Injection Pen is  the best beauty gift for a lover and mother
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